George Strait: “The Cowboy Rides Away” In Nashville



King George brought his final tour to Music City over the weekend. Sheryl Crow opened this show with a great performace of all her hits and some of her newer singles since crossing over to country. A favorite part of her performance was “Redemption Song” which was a song she wrote and Johnny Cash recorded prior to passing away. It was very moving as the recorded voice of Johnny echoed the Bridgestone arena. This was not the final time Johnny would be a part of the concert…

As Strait walked to the stage everyone stood to welcome him and remained standing as he played his uptempo song  “Fireman”. His vocals sounded as if he had drank from the fountain of youth. 10 songs into his performance he was joined by show opener Sheryl Crow they sang a unique version of a more recent #1 “Here For A Good Time” followed by the classic “When Did You Stop Loving Me”. That wasn’t the end of the surprises, later in the show Eric Church helped George perform “Cowboys Like Us”. I personally couldn’t think of a better song for Eric to join in on. It was truely a special moment. The final guest of the night to join George on stage was none other than Kenny Chesney perfroming the timless “Amorillo by Morning”.

The regular concert ended with George’s first #1 from 1981 “Unwound”. As the crowd screamed for more, George made his way back for an encore. Oddly enough, the encore began with George’s version of a Tom Petty classic “You Wreck Me”. George certainly made it his own. The encore continued with the hits: “All My Ex’s Live In Texas” and “Run”. Johnny Cash’s “Folsom Prison Blues” was George’s next song of choice and rightfully so. The crowd went absolutely wild for the 2nd song by Tennessee native Johnny Cash. The final song was no surprise, George sang “The Cowboy Rides Away” and the band continued to play as he bid farewell and the cowboy rode away for possibly the last time…


1. Fireman

2. Check Yes or No

3. Ocean Front Property

4. Marina Del Rey

5. Blame It On Mexico

6. A Fire I Can’t Put Out

7. Nobody In His Right Mind

8. That’s What Breaking Hearts Do

9. Arkansas Dave

10. Here for a Good Time (with Sheryl Crow)

11. When Did You Stop Loving Me (with Sheryl Crow)

12. River of Love

13. You Look So Good in Love

14. How Bout Them Cowgirls

15. Cowboys Like Us (with Eric Church)

16. I Saw God Today

17. I Can Still Make Cheyenne

18. Drinking Man

19. I Believe

20. Give It Away

21. Fool Hearted Memory

22. Lead On

23. Amarillo By Morning (with Kenny Chesney)

24. Give It All We Got Tonight

25. The Chair

26. I Got A Car

27. I’ll Always Remember You

28. Troubadour

29. Unwound


30. (Tom Petty’s) You Wreck Me

31. All My Ex’s Live In Texas

32. Run

33. (Johnny Cash’s) Folsom Prison Blues

34. Cowboy Rides Away
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-Matt Sparkman, Country HitMakers Social Media Manager